Friday, 20 April 2012

Telescopic Bollard Service

Burgess Barriers suppliers of Telescopic Bollards, we supply, install and repair telescopic bollards throughout Somerset and Devon.

Telescopic Bollards can be manual or automatic and are used in locations where a gate or barrier can not be installed or it is not practical to install one. 

Some typical uses of Telescopic Bollards are: 
  • Parks 
  • Commercial Offices
  • Industrial Sites
  • Retail and Supermarket
  • Car Parks
  • Garage forecourts
  • Private residence
  • Private Security
You can have impact resistant bollards which are perfect for retail sites where impact may occur from slow moving vehicles, such as  cars or shopping trollies. Alternatively you can install reinforced bollards  which provide a higher level of protection for buildings and perimeters etc.

Telescopic bollards are your front line security.

If you require speed bump repairs then contact us for a quote.

If you require Height Restrictors then contact us for a quote.

If you require Swing gates then contact us for a quote.

For all your Telescopic bollard requirements throughout the South West Contact us on 07976 954933
Director: Gary Burgess

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